There are many kinds of artists: Among them, are musicians, painters, and authors. From the time I was a small boy I was attracted to music; in fact, I became quite skilled as a guitarist. Later, I attended Atlanta Art Institute for a period of two years. Several years later, I enrolled at the University of Tennessee. After my graduation, I taught advertising design at U.T. for a couple of years. I later worked for several years as a creative director in a design studio. The job didn’t completely fulfill my creative needs, but at least the challenge held a relatively close kinship to painting, which was my true passion.

      It was during my retirement years that I discovered writing. As an author, I began to write short stories and novels. During the following ten years, I was the author of five books. It was during this time that I gradually became aware of the fact that, in an abstract sense, painting and writing share a close kinship. In painting, ideas and emotions are expressed with brush strokes and pigments, while in writing, these same emotions are perpetuated with words and literary expressions. In either endeavor, the satisfaction is derived from the artist’s imagination. Both occupations fulfill a deeply-felt need in me. I enjoy the same sense of accomplishment when I’m involved with any of these creative endeavors.