One of the most crippling situations facing the author is writer’s block. With many inspiring stories to tell, the writer sits at his computer and prepares to offer the reader his colorful portrayal of interesting events. Unfortunately, he sometimes discovers that he can’t get started. This is because, for whatever reason, he is simply not in the mood to write.  He idly sits and stares at that blank sheet of paper in front of him. Why does this happen? Is the author simply bored, or is some worrisome situation crowding out the creative impulses in him? In such instances, what should the writer do?

      As is common with all people, authors share different personalities and temperaments. Many are very organized in their daily activities, and have a determination to finish the task they started. These authors establish their designated time for writing at a specific hour when they are finished with their other daily chores. They are determined to simply “work through” their temporary loss of words until they overcome their inability to communicate their thoughts and feelings. They are extremely disciplined people who maintain an accurate schedule in all of their daily activities. After finishing their allotted time of writing, they move on to another task.

      But my personality is different. Being the unstructured person that I am, I only write when I am in the mood, and mind is free to explore every creative avenue of thought. When I’m not encumbered by distraction; I set aside a time to write; however, I find myself almost paralyzed whenever I’m interrupted by the distractions of life. In such times, I simply abandon any attempt to write.

      But whenever my mind is free, I often “get on a roll.” and continue writing for several hours. During these times, I sometimes amaze myself in regard to my uninterrupted progress. I only stop writing when I’m too exhausted to continue.  As mentioned earlier, all people have different temperaments.