When selecting a subject for his book, how does an author choose the genre? Obviously, it is dependent upon the past experiences or imaginations of the author; after all, how can a writer tell of events he has never imagined or experienced? Many authors only write in a single genre; sometimes it is science-fiction; often it is about family life; on other occasions, they may write of solving crimes, adventure, or mayhem and murder. The type of stories written by an author often establishes his identity as a writer, for the reader begins to associate the author’s name with the consistent subject matter of his books.

      However, my involvement in so many past facets of life has kept me from embracing a single category. It has enabled me to write about an abundance of character types and lifestyles. I have written two true-life family books, a mystery, a whimsical book about aging, and a book of short stories about my youth that includes some poetry.

      While establishing an identity is important to a writer, I choose to write about a broad range of subjects that stimulate my interest. If it fascinates me, surely it will be of some interest to many readers as well. To me, becoming well-known or wealthy is less important than writing about the lives of people and circumstances that evoke precious memories and intrigue me.