Obviously, emphasis should be placed on the plot of a story. Of equal importance, however, is the descriptive skill of the author in his ability to pull the reader into the story.in which he or she is able to experience the sensations of the story‚Äôs characters. A creative story should offer more than a summary of events, as in a newspaper article, but should transport the reader into a world of perception in which he can smell the roses, see the sunset, or hear the warbling melody of the songbird. Only when the reader shares the same environment as that of the characters in the story does he thoroughly identify with them. Dependent upon the genre of the book, the writer is able to invite the reader into a world of fantasy, or sometimes, reality.

      But what is reality? Our perception of the world is the only reality we have. If we perceive that the story is realistic, then it must be so, if only in our imagination. The author should lead the reader into an environment in which he is actually living the story. I truly feel that it is the duty of the author to deliver the reader into the intimate emotions, sensations and experiences of the characters, which can only be obtained through the descriptive skill of the writer.