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Tom, Dick and Harriet

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A fiftieth high school reunion creates more complications for Tom Spencer, a semi-retired graphic designer. Already besieged with foibles of age, widowhood, meddling daughters, and changing technology, he now comes face-to-face with a past that has changed the direction of his life. That past arrives in the still attractive form of Harriet Dawson. The triangular romance she had with Tom and his high school nemesis and best friend, Dick Noble is rekindled. Once calling themselves the “Three Musketeers”, they are now drawn together as much by their differences as their common interests, and the curiosity to find out what “might have been.”

Their lives reflect the afflictions, loneliness and yearnings common to senior citizens struggling to cope with a changing world. Frustrated by the physical and emotional challenges of aging and their changing role in society, this dynamic trio draws a sense of purpose from each other.
In this insightful account of the oddities of the aged, the author exposes their comical, yet poignant behavior as they attempt to recapture memories of happier times. Although old in body, they remain young in spirit. Despite the peculiarities of old age that set them apart, their zest for living indicates that in many ways they are not so different from the younger generation after all.

Publication Date: February, 2006
Available in:
paperback          $15.00 (5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 277 pages)
Ebook (Kindle)    $ 2.99

Don Pardue Tom, Dick, and Harriet

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