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On Southern Sanctuary

If I were a producer, I would want to make a movie out of this book. Don Pardue tells a gripping story of a young man who leaves Chicago after fighting in the Korean War. He moves to the South in search of sanctuary but he finds a lot more than he bargained for. A fascinating historical fiction full of wisdom. It's so good. I won't try to explain it. Just do yourself a favor and read it.
Posted By: Kathy Jones
On Southern Sanctuary ~ "Blacks and the KKK in the 1950's of the South"

Fabulous! I couldn't put it down, staying up to all hours to read what was going to happen next. Having Southern history of slaves and the KKK interwoven into the plot made the story all the more compelling. Couldn't believe a man raised in the South could write such eye-opening incidents. Good Job! From one author to another.
Posted By: Bobbi Phelps Wolverton
On Southern Sanctuary

I enjoyed this book; there is just enough action to make the story gripping, without unnecessary violence. I've read Don's other books, too, and liked them all.
Posted By: Marilyn Neilans
On Maiden Harvest ~ Thanks for the memories

Even though I personally know the author and his family, I would have loved this book if I had not known them. This is a story of farm life in the South during the depression and wars. Though the father of six girls never had much money, he was one of the richest men in Tennessee. He had the richness of the love of his family. This book is for anyone that appreciates hard work and righteous living. Be prepared to deal with your own life's worth as you finish this book.
Posted By: Carl Dunn
On Maiden Harvest ~ "A Biography of an American Family"

As a fellow author, I found Mr. Pardue's book to be a stunning accomplishment. He has written a chronology of events in the lives of one rural Tennessee family over the decades as though he had been present with a recorder and a camera. There is such richness of detail that it took my breath away. I didn't doubt the authenticity of one conversation or one small incident that took place over the years.
What makes this book so amazing is not that it's about an extraordinary family, but that the author has shown us what is so extraordinary in one average family's decency, commitment, hard work, and unconditional love.
Posted By: Cheryl Peyton
On Maiden Harvest ~ "Engrossing"

This well-written book is rich in details; American and Tennessee history as well as the family's own story. Don has an almost poetic style, especially when he is describing the beautiful East Tennessee countryside.
I enjoyed it a lot!
Posted By: Lyn Neilans
On Maiden Harvest ~ "A delightful view into a time gone by"

As a daughter of modern Appalachia, I felt a bond with the Granger girls as they played in the hills, woods, and creeks of East Tennessee. As an only child, I enjoyed seeing what it might be like to live with six sisters. As an author, I believe that Pardue does a masterful job of illustrating each character and keeping the girls' unique personalities true and consistent throughout the novel. I laughed, teared up, and related to the characters' experiences and emotions. This book is a fantastic study of one man's struggle to raise six girls in tough economic and personal conditions. Through his kind-hearted, loving, and dedicated character Ben Granger, author Don Pardue teaches readers about goals, hard work, sacrifice, loss, survival, and the hardest job of all: parenting.
Posted By: Jody Cantrell Dyer
Author of The Eye of Adoption, the true story of my turbulent wait for a baby, TN
On Maiden Harvest ~ "A Sociological Experience"

This book was a sociological experience for me. I knew nothing about the life of a farmer and how dependent they are on mother-nature; of course it's obvious now, but I never thought about it. It is also about the disease of alcoholism and how it can ravage a family. The protagonist, Ben, guided his family through their perils with a firm, loving hand. He was loving and non-judgmental toward his wife, but always acting in the best interests of his girls. He kept them safe and secure. They trusted him and knew they could always depend on him. A great read about strength, character, love and faith. I will hold this book close to my heart and return to it again and again for the lessons of honesty, respect, integrity and kindness that it conveys. I look forward to reading this writer's other works.
Posted By: Katherine Jones
On Tom, Dick and Harriet. "Great book!"

I purchased several as gifts for my buddies. If you reflect on how your high school reunions might turn out, you'll get a kick out of the humor in this book.
Posted By: Donald Dickinson
On Tom, Dick, & Harriet "Right on for our generation"

Don Pardue nails it with this story about how it feels to be a 68 year old man, dealing with loneliness, well-meaning family members, good friends, and an old love. I appreciated the larger print, too ... made it really easy for my old eyes to read!
Posted By: Marilyn Neilans

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